[developers] Re: pending/300: compile (pending)

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Mon Feb 14 23:21:47 CET 2005

hi mike,

> I am interested in attempting to run the LKB system using open source 
> software.    I have sucessfully compiled it with Steel Bank Common
> LIsp (SBCL) on SuSE Linux ver. 8.2 and on Fedora Core 3.  There is a
> version of CLIM and a version of the CLX backend which does work with
> SBCL but I cannot get the LKB system to compile in anything but "tty"
> mode.  I assume that there is some detail of configuration which
> tells LKB to only compile with graphics when the Allegro + Allegro
> CLIM are in use.  Is it at least possible for me to change the
> default configuration in order to try a compile with graphics?  Or
> has this been attempted and failed?  The name of the CLIM system for
> use with SBCL (and other common lisp implementations) is McCLIM [...]

we are interested in supporting the LKB on open-source lisps too, and
the SBCL support, in fact, we just added a few weeks ago.  last time i
looked at McCLIM, it was lacking capabilities used by the LKB, and in
general getting a CLIM GUI to work in SBCL may also require additional
work on non-ANSI aspects of Lisp, particularly thread support (which is
only provided in SBCL on Linux x86 currently).  not to discourage you,
but i think to go down this path you might have to do some non-trivial
Lisp coding.  the general decision as to whether to include CLIM code
is at the top of `src/systems/lkb.system'; in fact, the default should
be for it to load the CLIM code when there is a feature :clim (which,
once loaded McCLIM would have to supply).

mid-term, we are hoping to reduce dependencies on CLIM.  there already
is a no-CLIM GUI for some of the LKB data types, but this is not quite
ready for public use (though could be fairly soon).   if you are brave
enough to test experimental versions, then watch


over the next few weeks for instructions on how to obtain and run the

> How much progress has been made on the Win32 port?  I did not see any
> Windows versions on the download site.  I have Allegro CL
> Professional ver. 7.0 for Windows.

Win32 support (in Allegro CL) is very good.  apologies, our automated
builds do not always include Windows binaries, so right now you would
have to fetch one from the 2004-11-09 build.  since you have a license
for Allegro CL on windows, the sources should just compile fine, doing
something like the following:

  (load "c:/lkb/src/general/loadup")
  (compile-system "lkb")

see the on-line LKB pages and FAQ for more information on loading from
source code.

                                i hope this helps; all the best  -  oe

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