[developers] Re: re-organization of LinGO download directory

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Fri Mar 11 18:57:35 CET 2005

hi again,

> for me, not generating with the itfs sample grammar is a serious
> deficiency,

i agree.  but the current `stable' release is not free of deficiencies
either: its run-time binary fails to start on Linux installations from
the past eighteen months or more, and its code cannot load the current
ERG (because of PSQL and idioms additions).  a testing harness would be
the right thing, but in the meantime i still think new users should try
starting out on a current version.  i hope this new directory scheme is
a reasonable compromise: `stable' and `latest' are sister directories,
so new users need to make a decision as to which version they want.  as
i was going to add to the wiki these days, i expect to document in this
spirit, if you agree?

> The trouble is we either need to freeze in order to test properly or
> someone needs to build a proper test harness.

we could divide testing responsibilities among ourselves, then decide
on a good date for the next planned release week, generate a build, do
our testing each and report, make corrections, re-generate the build,
until we reach a fixpoint.  i could participate actively until 24-mar
and then again after 15-apr.  i believe the current LKB code is a good
candidate for a new `stable' release.  it would be tempting to add the
MCL MacOS binary in even.  and, woodley and i were preparing LUI for a
first beta release within the next few weeks.

john, i just checked in a fix for the generator failures with `g7sem':
the problem was in the index accessibility filter, where some grammars
do not use labels.  thus, rel-handel() can return nil.  i had run into
similar issues with other parts of the LKB (transfer, MRS equality) in
our own teaching grammars this quarter; i suspect there might be a few
more down the road with label-free MRSs.

                                                          best  -  oe

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