[developers] Re: PET crashes ramdomly on start

Yi Zhang yzhang at coli.uni-sb.de
Tue Mar 22 09:21:36 CET 2005

Dear Stephan,

> if you look at `common/chunk-alloc.cpp', you will find a section like:
>   #if defined(linux)
>   #define _MMAP_ANONYMOUS
>   #define _CORE_LOW  0x50000000
>   #define _CORE_HIGH 0xbf429fff
>   #define _MMAP_DOWN
>   #else
>   #define _CORE_LOW  0x30000000
>   #define _CORE_HIGH 0xd0000000
>   #define _MMAP_DOWN
>   #endif
> the above is what i currently use (with FC1), and i just realized these
> are different values from what you got on the `main' branch (i am on a
> different branch of source code, for the time being).  thus, you should 
> try changing your `common/chunk-alloc.cpp' and recompilation.  there is
> a brief discussion of the two current branches at:
>   http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/PetTop
> i expect both bernd and i would be curious to know whether changing the
> mmap(2) defaults will resolve your problem.  i was planning to move to
> FC3 in the near future myself ...  

Great! By changing the mmap(2) defaults to the values you suggested, the
problem is solved nicely. PET doesn't crash on start anymore. At least
not on my FC3 (kernel 2.6.10).

And it will be nice if the future main branch release can add a
configuration option to choose the appropriate values.

Thanks a lot,


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