[developers] Re: an error

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Tue Apr 19 22:18:18 CEST 2005

hi jong-bok,

i am copying your message to `developers at delph-in.net', so others get a
chance to try and help too.

> In running the new version of the window,
> I get the errors in checking the lexicon. It looks like
> something like the following:
> ...
> checking lexicon
> error: illegal keyword given
> any solution?

is the above an _exact_ reproduction of what you have on the screen?
that should really be `:full-fs', but i suspect you copied this down
from the LKB Top window, rather than pasting it?  we will usually ask
for more information, e.g. the exact version of the LKB used, more of
the messages on the screen, possibly a copy of the grammar.  i know it
is difficult to copy and paste from the LKB Top window, so you could
try the following at the Lisp prompt instead (once you find the Lisp
window itself, i believe its name is `Allegro CL Console' or so):

  - first load the grammar from the menu; let it run into the error.

  - then evalute the following from the Lisp prompt:


    and paste everything from that window into an email to us.  

  - also, please zip up the full grammar and attach it to the email.

maybe others get an idea from the above messages?  i am afraid i have
no clue what could be causing this problem.

                                                 all the best  -  oe

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