[developers] Lexdb and generator index

Berthold Crysmann crysmann at dfki.de
Mon May 9 17:13:34 CEST 2005

Ben Waldron wrote:

> Berthold Crysmann wrote:
>> can anyone tell me how I can configure my grammar/LKB such that the 
>> generator index will be provided by the LexDB?
>> Currently, I have to recompute the index after every grammar 
>> reload...  (using LexDB|Index new entries).
> Add (:semi t) to *psql-lexicon-parameters*


Though, it doesn't yet do the trick. I get the following warnings on 

PSQL ERROR: index "semi_pred_lex_id" does not exist
CONTEXT: SQL statement "DROP INDEX semi_pred_lex_id CASCADE"
PL/pgSQL function "semi_drop_indices" line 3 at SQL statement
SQL statement "SELECT semi_drop_indices()"
PL/pqSQL function "semi_setup_pre" line 2" at perform

ERROR: Attempt to throw to the non-existent tag :SQL-ERROR

As a result, loading complains with:

WARNING: no lexical entries indexed for generator

Any ideas?



In case this is related: I do get error messages concerning "no 
semantics and no filter rule"  for some entries, as well as occasional 
complaints about underdetermined PRED's. I know I should filter these 
out, or specify the missing PRED....


> On reloading the grammar in future the generator index will be 
> obtained from the database:
> ...
> (loading SEM-I into memory)
> ...
> This should have been in the Wiki. I'll add it.
> -Ben

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