[developers] Re: [SG] perforce ?

Ulrich Callmeier Ulrich at acrolinx.com
Wed May 25 13:34:51 CEST 2005

Hi Rainer,

there's no good reason to have NFS access to /proj/perforce, except that
currently there's /proj/perforce/bin which contains the client binary
'p4'. A cleaner installation would have the client program separate from
the repository and the server binaries. So I'd propose to leave the
repository locally on troll, and make the p4 client executable available

I can help setting up a new p4 server when you reinstall troll. Just let
me know before you do the reinstall, I can then make a proper backup of
the database, and restore that on the new server.


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Hi Stephan,

Am Wed, May 25, 2005 at 12:09:09AM +0200 schrieb Stephan Oepen
> the P4 server at CoLi is still the main repository for PET 
> development, now primarily maintained by bernd kiefer.  there are a 
> few other people working on PET too (including frederik and myself) 
> --- on at least two active branches.  i am still in favor of P4 (over 
> CVS certainly), since it has better multi-branch facilities.  if there

> were to be a move for the PET repository, we would have to work 
> carefully to migrate history and the current state of (and relations 
> among) branches.  personally, i would be very happy if CoLi continued
to serve this repository :-).

i hope everybody who needs to know about p4 is on the mailing list?

we're investigating the steps necessary to replace our main fileserver
'troll', with a new one.

if perforce works also over NFS (there is no reason against), it may be
possible to mount the repository remotely from the new server. Or it may
be possible to leave /proj/perforce locally on troll, but then, access
over NFS on other coli hosts would not be possible.

In any case, after file server replacement, we have to think about the
future of troll and its remaining services. troll probably needs a

			Rainer Martin

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