[developers] Re: main/user-fns.lsp error

John Carroll J.A.Carroll at sussex.ac.uk
Mon Jun 20 14:13:46 CEST 2005

> The code below causes an error with Allegro Common Lisp. I'm not sure 
> how you want to fix it.
> -Ben
>  (let ((pathname #-(and :mcl (not :openmcl)) (user-homedir-pathname)
>                  #+(and :mcl (not :openmcl)) (ccl::findfolder 
> #$kOnSystemDisk #$kCurrentUserFolderType))
> ;;; Compiling file /home/bmw20/lkb/src/main/user-fns.lsp
> Error: No dispatch function defined for #\$.
>  [condition type: SIMPLE-ERROR]

Hmm I suppose I can forgive Allegro for that. I'll experiment a little 
with #$ and commit some sort of fix by the end of the afternoon.


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