[developers] minor LKB code changes

Ben Waldron benjamin.waldron at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 23 17:56:44 CEST 2005

Berthold Crysmann wrote:
> Ann Copestake wrote:
>> benjamin.waldron at cl.cam.ac.uk said:
>>> I've just checked in this code, so you can use it too. The parameter is
>>> *lex-rule-show-one-step*. It defaults to T, but if you set it to NIL 
>>> you
>>> will see all morphological realisations. Of course, if there is a 
>>> black  hole
>>> in your morphology component you may then get sucked in...
>> Since this is going to developers, which is a largish list and is 
>> archived, I need to point out that this is a bit misleading.  If your 
>> grammar is the current ERG you _will_ get sucked in and I would not 
>> like to argue that the ERG has a black hole ...  The problem is that 
>> the behaviour that has been re-enabled via *lex-rule-show-one-step* 
>> is uncontrolled when the grammar has a high number of lexical rules 
>> that apply more than once, which is now the case for the ERG's 
>> punctuation rules.  There is currently no way of controlling the 
>> behaviour, so do not use this option unless you are either completely 
>> sure your grammar does not have a high fanout or are prepared for 
>> your session to crash!
> Just a quick question: is  depth of rule application constrained at 
> all, then?
It's constrained by *maximal-lex-rule-applications*.

- Ben

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