[developers] [spr31047] CLIM bug on 64-bit machines.

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jan 23 19:31:59 CET 2006

hi kevin,

> This is sounding more and more like the "CLIM GC cursor" problem.
> Please do 
>   (apropos #:*use-clim-gc-cursor*)
> before the point of error and set the symbol it finds to `nil'.  Then,
> try and reproduce the error.  I had previously asked Ben to set
> xm-silica::*use-clim-gc-cursor* to nil, but perhaps I got the package
> wrong and what I had him do was useless.

yes, the work-around i had found tonight actually is:

  #+(and :allegro :clim (not :mswindows) (not :64bit))
  (setq tk-silica::*use-clim-gc-cursor* t)

and this appears to avoid the crash.  not sure why what you suggested
earlier would not have worked for ben, though:

  CL-USER(10): (describe 'xm-silica::*use-clim-gc-cursor*)
    Its value is NIL
    It is globally declared to be a special variable.
    It is INTERNAL in the TK-SILICA package.

alas, any chance you will have someone work on CLIM problems?  we have
two more ([spr30363] and [spr30570]) in this neighborhood, and there is
a relatively large community for our application (with a fair number of
active ACL licenses, including NTT Japan).

                                        many thanks in advance  -  oe

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