[developers] [spr31181] closure change in ACL 8.0 (from 6.2)?

David Margolies dm at franz.com
Sat Feb 4 00:01:07 CET 2006

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  moving from 7.0 to 8.0, i noticed the following now breaks:

    (eval-when #+:ansi-eval-when (:load-toplevel :compile-toplevel :execute)
	       #-:ansi-eval-when (load eval compile)
      (let ((n -1))
	(defun reset-failure-count () 
	  (setf n -1))

	(defstruct failure
	  (id (incf n))
	  nature type1 type2 glb path suffix context)))

  the `failure' constructor apparently closured `n' in the past and now
  no longer does.  i admit i have yet to look up the ANSI spec on this,
  in  fact was hoping you could tell me.  either way, i felt you should
  consider adding an entry on it in section 6.2 of the release notes.

Could you send us a transcript (use dribble-bug if possible) showing
the compilation/loading/and execution of this code.

(The dribble-bug will include the output of print-system-state.  If
you do not use dribble-bug, could you send us that output separately.)


David Margolies
Franz Inc.

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