[developers] Changes to ecl-patches.lisp, mrs.system

Bernd Kiefer kiefer at dfki.de
Tue Mar 21 10:55:20 CET 2006

I just wanted to know who is in charge of the above-mentioned parts of
LKB. I made some changes to the code locally to adapt it to the new
ecl version (which results in much less hassle in ecl-patches) and
to be able to include the preprocessor code properly.

I'd like to propagate these changes, but i) i have no write access to
the LKB repository and ii) i'm not sure if these changes wouldn't break
other things i'm not aware of.

So, master of these files, reveal yourself such that i get these
changes integrated.


Bernd Kiefer                                            Am Blauberg 16
kiefer at dfki.de                                      66119 Saarbruecken
+49-681/302-5301 (office)                      +49-681/3904507  (home)

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