[developers] PET with inflectional and lexical rules

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Wed Apr 5 14:20:03 CEST 2006

hi yi,

> (4) `abraham likes the cat.' [0] --- 0 (-0.00|0.01s) <25:21> (687.2K) [0.0s]


> Or is it likely to be a bug in PET?

i am afraid, the latter: until recently, the ERG was developed against
a different branch of PET (the older `oe' branch; see the wiki pages),
so for use with the ERG you had to install a different PET version.

however, your message gives us a reason to summarize some good news for
the `developers' list.  bernd and i recently sat down jointly to merge
the two PET branches.  we identified three changes that had to be made
in the `main' branch for use with the ERG:

  - free interspersing of orthographemic and non-orthographemic lexical
    rules (this is the problem you encountered above: the period needs
    to be analyzed by an orthographemic rule prior to a null-inflection 
    of the singular noun);

  - escaping of quotes and backslashes in [incr tsdb()] output; and

  - correct measurement of `tcpu' and `total' values for [incr tsdb()].

bernd is in the process of preparing a new PET release that should then
fully support the ERG.  i believe dan will develop against that unified
PET version in the future.

to get something going in the meantime, i had sent instructions on how
to obtain a LOGON tree to tim (for him and you to experiment with parse
selection performance).  once you install the LOGON tree, it includes a
binary version of PET that already includes the changes above (i.e. in
a sense a pre-release of what bernd is preparing).  you should be able
to just use the `flop' and `cheap' binaries from $LOGONROOT/bin/.

                          let us know how things go!  all best  -  oe

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