[developers] PET output of MRS in XML and derivations?

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jul 11 18:22:02 CEST 2006

> thanks.  one thing I didn't mention was that the project hand-in
> deadline is the 20th, so he may not have time to make use of this
> machinery - unless you meant early this week :-)

actually, maybe not at all this week: even re-using slides, i feel i
had underestimated the time it takes to prepare and give one lecture
per day ...

the reason re-compiling PET with the latest MRS code should break, i
think, is in construct-mrs():

  (psoa (mt:map-mrs psoa :semi :forward))

map-mrs() is in `lkb/src/mt/vpm.lisp', which i have yet to add to the
MRS system (and confirm happy compilation in ECL).  i would think that
putting a #-:ecl in front of that sexp should work around that, should
the student want to try and re-compile PET himself.

the function one would have to augment for XML output of MRSs is in
`lkb/src/mrs/pet-interface.lisp': fs-to-mrs(); adding another format 
option should be straightforward ...

              sorry about over-optimistic estimates!  cheers  -  oe

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