[developers] [Fwd: Re: [spr30362] bug using climxm]

Berthold Crysmann crysmann at dfki.de
Wed Oct 11 20:48:53 CEST 2006

Ann Copestake wrote:
> I wonder whether this is really related to Andreas's patch - I've seen a 
> similar error message in the past but never managed to obtain a reproducible 
> situation.  In your case, does it stop the GUI working?
Nope. It just aborts the function. Happens currently after loading a 
grammar from the menu. Surprisingly enough, in this case the error does 
not pop up immediately, but right after the first type file has been 
read in (as far as I can tell from the LKB window). With 
(index-for-generator) the error pops up straight away.

Funnily enough, with Andreas's patch, or without emacs, nothing like 
this happens. Likewise, with Andreas's patch in place and calling the 
function from emacs (when output goes to emacs as well) is fine. The 
only problem seems to be to call up the LKB with the Andreas's  patch 
from emacs and invoking some commands from the menu like the two above. 
Some menu commands where I do not observe this behaviour are Parse|Parse 
Input..., but maybe the error message being sent out is a different 

I'll try as well with some other menu items that tend to produce a lot 
of output in the LKB window. WIll tell you what came out of it.


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