[developers] MRS in PET SVN with selective packing

Eric Nichols eric-n at is.naist.jp
Sat Oct 28 20:12:34 CEST 2006


The changes you checked in seem to have solved this problem.
Thanks for taking care of this!


On 10/29/06, Stephan Oepen <oe at csli.stanford.edu> wrote:
> hi eric,
> > I gave the new PET SVN with selective packing a try and am having
> > trouble producing MRS using the latest LKB and ITSDB releases from
> > the Stanford FTP server (I tried both build 2006/10/19 and "latest"
> > which currently points to build 2006/09/05).
> >
> > When I run cheap with MRS output enabled, I get a cryptic "No MRS"
> > message as follows. My memory is fuzzy from all of the builds and
> > retesting, but I think thinks were working when I compiled using
> > older LKB/TSDB code from around May 2006. Is there a preferred branch
> > or version of LKB for building cheap?
> the no-MRS problem is unrelated to selective unpacking (in fact i had
> noticed it several months ago, but not needing to extract MRSs in PET,
> i did not find time to look into it until today).  both ann and i have
> made non-trivial changes to the MRS Lisp library, and unfortunately we
> do not always have the time or opportunity to test against PET.
> the problem you encountered is vaguely interesting.  we had introduced
> a call to vsym() where its argument was a symbol (`ING') rather than a
> string.  the LKB implementation of vsym() is robust to such variation,
> but the PET-side implementation was not.  lacking a full specification
> of the interface, neither side is to blame :-).
> i just checked in a few changes in `pet-interface.lisp' (making vsym()
> more accomodating) and `mrsoutput.lisp' (converting `ING' to a string),
> so once you update from CVS or fetch the latest `test' build, i expect
> the problem should disappear.
> at the same time, PET will then support a new output format: `mrs=mrx'
> should yield MRS output in XML (as provided by ann).  finally, i added
> some debugging code in `pet-interface.lisp': once the ECL MRS library
> is compiled with the :debug feature on, it will write a trace of calls
> back from ECL into the PET core as the file `/tmp/mrs.debug'.
>                                                      all best  -  oe
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