[developers] MRS in PET SVN with selective packing

Eric Nichols eric-n at is.naist.jp
Thu Nov 2 15:10:51 CET 2006


Wow. You answered my mail before I sent it ^_^

I looked at the ECL documentation, and it seems like it should be possible
to rename
the object files within ECL. I'll try poking around some more and see if I
can get things
working without renaming files.


On 11/2/06, Ann Copestake <Ann.Copestake at cl.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> I would appreciate it if someone could investigate ECL to see if there is
> a
> way around the `no repeated file name' property.  If there really isn't,
> then
> I guess the least bad solution is to change the rmrs file name, but it's
> not
> just that the CVS will be messed up but that it will also have to be
> changed
> in the code for RASP rmrs etc, so it's messy.  Note that I added
> rmrs/convert.lisp in 2002, so I believe it predates the use of the ppcre!
> Changing the ppcre name would be less complex from our perspective, but of
> course it's an external resource, so that's problematic.  I really think
> that
> this should be fixed in ECL ...
> Ann

--Eric Nichols
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