[developers] yy mode problem

Zhengbo Zhou zhengbo at u.washington.edu
Thu Nov 16 21:06:02 CET 2006

Thanks Dan,

The generic_mass_count_noun problem is solved.  Another question, if the 
result doesn't have the MRS for the sentence, but only contains the result 
for each word, that means it fails to find a parse for the sentence?  Am I 


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> Hi Zhengbo -
> For some not yet clear reason, the definition of the generic entry for
> mass_count nouns has disappeared from the file erg/gen-lex.tdl, even
> though it's still expected in the file pet/common.set, as Francis
> observed.  For now, I think you'll have to add the following two lines
> to the end of the file erg/gen-lex.tdl:
> generic_mass_count_noun := n_-_mc-unk_le &
>  [ STEM < *top* > ].
> Best,
> Dan

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