[developers] Installing LKB

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Sun Dec 31 17:37:21 CET 2006

dear halizah (if i may),

>     I have followed the instructions to install base on the website
> you gave.  The installation for all files is successful except for
> installing matrix.tgx, it says "missing".

not to worry about this message, the Matrix is nowadays distributed on
a different channel (and should maybe be purged from the installer).

> When I try to access LKB by writing manual the instructions:
>          $delphin/lkb/linux.x86.32/lkb
> the following message is displayed:
> Warning: Loading sys:climxm.so failed with error:
>          libXm.so.3: cannot open shared object file: 
>          No such file or directory.

yes, this is a known dependency.  you could either install the correct
version of OpenMotif (see the LKB FAQ), or better yet run:


the above is a shell script that sets up LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the
copy of libXm.so.3 that is installed as part of the DELPH-IN tree.  or,
better yet, follow the instructions given by the installer for loading
the LKB from within emacs.  that, again, should fix up LD_LIBRARY_PATH

                 i hope this helps!  all best for the new year  -  oe

nb: i have updated the instructions on the wiki to point to the script
rather than the platform-specific $DELPHINHOME/lkb/linux.x86.32/lkb.

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