[developers] PET/ERG frontend

Timothy Baldwin tim at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Feb 5 00:07:42 CET 2007

> As far as unknown word guessing goes, it might well be rational to have a 
> dedicated type guesser that used the same tokeniser as the ERG rather than 
> mess around with the RASP tagger/ERG token alignment.  This could be a POS 
> tagger, but that's probably not ideal.  Note Frederik Fouvry's work, which 
> provides an alternative strategy for unknown words.  Also note that we do need 
> sloppy alignment strategies for mapping ERG-RMRS to RASP-RMRS.

We have been working on such a type guesser at Melbourne which uses the
tokeniser supplied with the relevant grammar (experiments so far have focused
on the ERG and JaCY). The main person behind this is currently finishing up
his PhD, so don't ask for a cleaned-up version of the code until the dust has
settled a bit, but the hope is we'll be able to release everything as part of
the DELPH-IN resource package. Otherwise, Yi Zhang has a mature type-guessing
solution for unknown words which is properly integrated with PET, so you might
like to talk to him.


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