[developers] PET XML input and [incr tsdb()]

Rebecca Dridan bec.dridan at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 12:04:42 CET 2007

Hi Francis :)

> I think if you create the xml without any end-of-line markers and
> whack it into the right field of the item file, instead of the plain
> sentence, then call a tsdb cpu with the right options to cheap it will
> just work (although tsdb's word counting will get confused).

I did actually try a minimal test of this, but it just sat at 2% 
processed (on one item). I figured I'd see if anyone had tried it before 
I attempted full debugging. I have vague memories that there is a 
flag/variable you can set to get debug output from a cpu? Can anyone 
tell me what that is, and where I need to set it?

(For the record, my cheap options are -tsdb -tok=xml_counts -default-les 
-packing=7 /home/delphin/erg/english.grm, which work on the command 
line, minus -tsdb, but maybe I've got these wrong?)


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