[developers] Bug in mt/vpm.lisp

Berthold Crysmann crysmann at dfki.de
Thu Mar 22 01:00:39 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 15:24 -0800, Stephan Oepen wrote:
> howdy,
> > Today had me victim of a nasty bug in map-mrs():
>   [...]
> > Probably map-mrs should check for the type of MRS coming in, or else
> > presnece of these features. 
> i am afraid your suffering is related to parallel universes.  this bug
> is present only in the LinGO version of that code, and the copy in the
> LOGON tree has the checking you suggest. 

I couldn't test in LOGON, owing to the absence of lexdb support :-(

> while i have yet to merge in the last four months of LOGON development
> to the LinGO repository, ben (needing characterization support) put in
> a patch (in december), which results in the behavior you saw.
> but there is good news about parallel universes too.  i was planning to
> do my quaterly code synchronization in the second half of next week, so
> that this problem should soon disappear.
That is indeed good news. 

>                                                           best  -  oe
> nb: and we should probably re-evaluate our compiler settings, at least
> for the run-time binaries it might make sense to produce safer code at
> a moderate loss in efficiency.



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