[developers] RASP3-RMRS

Christopher Rupp Christopher.Rupp at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Sep 5 12:23:32 CEST 2007


At the meeting in Berlin there was some interest in running the conversion of
RASP3 trees to RMRS as a separate process. (Essentially, as a patch for the 
code in the current RASP3 release not being up to date.) As I was already doing
this for SciBorg, I've checked in four files under lkb/src/rmrs/rasp3 which 
can be
used to create a fairly minimal image with a socket interface to run this
conversion. While this should run in its own terms and is adequate as a module
within SciBorg, it may serve also serve as a template for a module in a more
sophisticated architecture. 

The additional files are:

build_standalone_image.sh	Script to construct an image based on the path for

start_rasp3_rmrs_server.sh	Startup script require modification for local LKB

standalone-server.lsp		This is Ben Waldron's server code (from preprocess)
				cut down to just the necessary functions.

standalone-image.lsp		A copy of ACL_specific/deliver.lsp modified to
				create an image rasp3-rmrs in an eponymous 						directory. There's no 
optimisation of the image
				and I guess you may need permission to run

The socket-based server is very simplistic, assuming a string terminated by a 
(\u0011) as both input and output.

I hope this is helpful, even if only as a short term measure. If there are any
problems with the functionality, or suggestions, please let me know.



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