[developers] RASP3-RMRS

Christopher Rupp Christopher.Rupp at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 3 16:40:01 CEST 2007


About a month ago, I sent out a description of file I checked in for making a
standalone image for the RMRS conversion on RASP3 trees. This was intended to
provide an example of what code was required for a (fairly) minimal image for
this purpose, bearing in mind that each application should have different 
requirements. However, it was also intended to construct an example image that
was appreciably smaller than the standard LKB image. Actually, I failed in that
goal, because I overlooked how the generate-application includes source code.
This week, Richard Bergmair pointed out this problem to me. I've added a file 
specify the source inclusion in the build:


and modified several of the I added for making the image, specifically:


(all in the same directory). These changes only affect the files added for the
construction of a rasp3-rmrs conversion image.

As I haven't had any other feedback on this, I don't if anyone else has 
in using this code, but this modification should at least make the 
more convincing.



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