[developers] start-generator-server

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 10:41:42 CET 2007


> > would anyone object to me adding code that would make
> > start-generator-server run index-for-generator iff necessary?
> the proposed code looks fine to me, though on this line of reasoning,
> why not put it right into generate-from-mrs()?

index-for-generator used to crash smaller machines running JACY, which
I wouldn't like to do to someone who just idly clicked on generate...
On the other hand, someone starting up a server always has to generate.

If the overhead is negligible (and I expect (and (hash-table-p
          (> (hash-table-count mrs::*relation-index*) 0) shouldn't be
too expensive), then putting an interactive offer to index in
generate-from-mrs() would be a friendly thing.  I don't know enough
about the interactions with batches to be confident of doing it

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