[developers] SOLVED: Re: Mysterious generation problem in LOGON

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Sat Feb 9 22:05:31 CET 2008

hi again,

> indexing on predsort would not be slow with a small grammar and it's
> exactly the kind of thing I would like to be able to demo in that sort
> of context.  Perhaps if something warned when a sort was compatible
> with `too many' lexical entries - there's no reason to single out
> predsort.

are you maybe thinking of the inverse situation, using underspecified
predicates in generator inputs?  there i can see how `predsort' would
make sense, in principle.  but, indeed, a warning about a very large
number of lexical entries or rules activated in chart initialization
would also seem potentially useful.

but berthold had a rule in his grammar with C-CONT [ PRED predsort], or
more likely no mention of PRED in the rule at all, such that `predsort'
was there merely by appropriateness.  i suspect such underspecification
in rules or lexical entries will typically be unintended.  as i fix the
incorrect treatment of such cases in the current LOGON code, i can see
whether there is an easy way to generate such warnings (in fact, i had
thought we did warn about these cases).

                                                         cheers  -  oe

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