[developers] changes to on-line MT and parsing demo code

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Wed Feb 13 18:25:07 CET 2008


there used to be separate code for on-line web demos of just parsing or
running the full MT pipeline.  i know at least berthold has created his
own variant of the ERG demo code, and i remember others were interested
in doing the same.

i have recently consolidated the code for on-line demos, pulling things
back together, adding functionality to the parsing demo, and making it
possible to customize for various grammars without code changes.  there
are two examples of this new setup here (temporarily for the SRG):


the downside of these changes is that the new on-line demo requires the
same inventory of tools as the full MT demo, hence is supported as part
of the LOGON tree only (which one might think of as a DELPH-IN distro).  
it requires about three gigabytes of available disk space, but i expect 
anyone wanting to run an on-line demo of their grammar (or MT pipeline)
should be able to find the necessary resources :-).

i would like to ask those of you with uncommited changes to the on-line
demo code (howdy, berthold and francis) to work with me on integrating
your changes into the main tree.  you can take a peak at the LOGON tree
(which we are about to announce publicly) as follows:

  svn co http://svn.emmtee.net/tags/topp topp
  cd topp
  LOGONROOT=`pwd` ./www --binary --erg --port 8888

the above should result in an on-line web demo at port 8888 of your web
server.  note, however, that many firewalls block access to user ports,
so at least for external access you may have to talk to the IT crowd; i
recommend wrapping a proxy web server around those demos, which is what
drives the `erg.emmtee.net' et al. addresses.

my current theory of customized demos, say for JACY, would be to:

  + add a command line option and startup code to the `www' script;
  + create two additional files for each grammar:


for grammars that are part of the LOGON tree anyway, i will be happy to
include those additions in SVN.  berthold and francis, please feel free
to email me your input (dan and montse, feel free to request changes to
what is there currently).

the former `www.system' and `lingo/lkb/src/www/' are thus deprecated; i
plan to remove them from the CVS head revision in the next few months.

                        i hope the above makes sense?  all best  -  oe

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