[developers] potentially important `bug fix' in LKB generator

Dan Flickinger danf at csli.stanford.edu
Fri Feb 15 00:00:19 CET 2008

Two early observations about the change to the generator, which I think
is in the main a good idea:

(1) An unhappy side effect of this change, presumably, is that the 
generator chart no longer has any lexical edges for inflected lexical 
items, which makes interactive debugging a little more difficult. 
This seems to be true whether *gen-packing-p* is T or NIL.  One can 
still get at those lexical edges graphically by clicking on a phrasal 
node in the chart, asking for the corresponding local parse tree, and 
then getting to the feature structures via that tree, but it's not 
ideal.  Maybe there is a global variable setting that now needs 
adjusting in one of my settings files, to make those lexical edges
visible again?

(2) I notice that if I generate from the sentence "the dog barks."
with *gen-packing-p* = T, I get just the one output I want (exactly
the string "the dog barks." with full stop).  But if I turn off 
generator packing (*gen-packing-p* = NIL), the generator gives me
two outputs, one with a full stop and one without.  I hope this is
a bug rather than the intended behavior, since the sentence when
parsed without a full stop has [SF prop-or-ques], less specific than
the [SF prop] which was the input to the generator.


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