[developers] [pet] Whoa, missed someting, sorry

Bernd Kiefer kiefer at dfki.de
Mon Apr 14 10:43:35 CEST 2008


> i think the strategy sketched by zhang yi is a good solution: add the
> necessary code to extract (and serialize) MRSs from parsing results,
> but avoid incorporating MRS-level functionality that is not directly
> related to parsing.  scope resolution, MRS comparison, dependencies,
> and in my view also conversion to RMRS fall into the latter category.
> maybe in terms of a mid-term goal we can envision an MRS processor, a
> separate component that provides more sophisticated functionality?  i
> guess a mildly modified LKB binary could do that, as a starting point.

that would be my suggestion, too. Having an MRS postprocessor as a 
separate binary (maybe built with ecl or sbcl) that serves the needs of 
the MRS consumers would be much nicer than having to integrate it 
tightly with PET.

> in conclusion, my suggestion would be to have two standard formats of
> MRS serialization modes, XML (probably best for use in the HoG and the
> like) and `simple' (for bulk use in [incr tsdb()] and LOGON).  can you
> agree to that strategy (i could possibly add and maintain the PET code
> for `simple')?

thank you for volunteering!


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