[developers] Wiki orphans

Bart Cramer bart.cramer at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 12:10:30 CEST 2008

Dear members,

a good way to start cleaning up the wiki, is by looking carefully at
the orphaned pages (pages that no other page refers to). This can be
retrieved from: http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/OrphanedPages (87

What's currently in there?
- There are some French and German wiki introduction pages, which are
neither harmful or useful. I'd propose to delete them.
- There are also some site pages, mostly lastly changed in 2005/2006.
See for example http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/DelphinSaarland. Are
these useful?
- Some pages about LexDB. Seems appropriate to me to have these linked
- Some pages about LOGON. I suppose this should be linked somewhere?
- Meeting discussions. I will create a link on the FrontPage to
MeetingsTop, which will then link to all meetings held. This can then
serve as an archive for our discussions in the past.
- And more...

Some random pages that seem to be useless to me, are on the nomination
to be removed:
http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/PestTop (probably this information can
be found elsewhere?)
http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/LkbDownload (already under installation)

What I need from you is help in actually doing some of these changes.
Removing pages from the Wiki requires entry to the host machine, and
deleting the files themselves. For other things (like LexDB, Logon), I
suppose other people have a better overview of what goes where. And,
of course, I you think that some pages should *not* be removed, please
let me know. This should already clean up the list quite a bit!



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