[developers] preprocessor implementations

R. Bergmair rb432 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Nov 27 17:24:27 CET 2008


I was wondering if there are any implementations of
preprocessors out there running the ERG FSR rules,
other than the standard lisp implementation of FSPP
that comes with the delph-in distribution.

Or actually, I'd be happy to get any tokenizer that
produces ERG-compatible tokenizations.

For example, I have a vague recollection, that Rebecca
reimplemented FSPP in Perl.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm preparing to run
some ERG-compatible tokenization on a really large
scale, and I'm wondering if there are implementations
out there that are more efficient than the lisp

Is there a C implementation? (I understand the PET
fspp is just an ECL binding for the lisp code? Or
is there an independent implementation as well?)

Has anyone ever tried doing this with lex in C, or
tried compiling the rules into finite state automata,
and ultimately machine executable code?



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