[developers] second public release of the LOGON MT infrastructure

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Mon Dec 1 17:11:59 CET 2008

dear colleagues,

this is to announce that another public release of the so-called LOGON
tree is now available.  this snapshot is mostly targeting those who are
already experimenting with transfer-based MT, or planning to start work
on MT.  thanks to contributions from many people, there are now example
MT systems translating Japanese and German into English, combined with
the massively multi-lingual `baby' MT systems based on the Matrix.  as 
discussed earlier, we also recommend the LOGON tree to those wanting to
create web-accessible demonstrators of DELPH-IN grammars, or needing to
experiment with MaxEnt ranking models (for parsing, generation, or MT).

we have started to accumulate some basic instructions on-line; see:


please note that the LOGON tree is only available for Linux and assumes
non-trivial computational resources (disk space and memory).  we do not
expect it to substitute for the traditional DELPH-IN modes of delivery,
say for teaching usages or basic grammar engineering.  but for projects
using most of the DELPH-IN toolchain anyway (and with adequate hardware
in place), it may present a convenient way of doing an installation.

--- obviously, many people have contributed to this collection.  i feel
francis and eric, berthold and micha, and emily and colleagues deserve
a personal acknowledgement.  they were the early adaptors of the LOGON
infrastructure, creating those additional, open-source language pairs.

there is a LOGON-specific mailing list (see the wiki page for details),
currently primarily used for transfer- and setup-related discussions.

                                                  best wishes  -  oe

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