[developers] MRSs in [incr tsdb()] and unknown words

Francisco Costa fcosta at di.fc.ul.pt
Thu Dec 11 16:40:01 CET 2008

> short-term, i believe the only work-around would be to record MRSs in 
> the profile while parsing.  giving PET the option `-mrs=simple' should
> turn on MRS output, though i cannot say whether this is supported with
> `-tsdbdump' mode.  storing MRSs in profiles will make the files quite
> a bit bigger, and it might be that treebanking becomes sluggish as an
> effect of that.  a lot will depend on how many readings you record in
> total, and of course on how many items you have per profile.

I tried this solution, and it does work with `-tsdbdump' mode. Thanks,


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