[developers] semi_pred relation in lexdb

Joshua Hou jshou at u.washington.edu
Tue Feb 3 08:51:00 CET 2009

Hello Developers,

I'm still having trouble setting up the Lexdb database.  The grammar
works fine if I do not include the following code:

 (if *lexdb-params*
            (lkb-pathname (parent-directory) "lexicon.tdl"))))

The error I'm getting is:

Reading in lexical rules file lrules
Reading in lexical rules file irules
Reading in root file roots
Reading in parse node file labels
;   Loading /home/jshou/lil/lkb/mrsglobals.lisp

(LexDB) (postgres) ERROR:  relation "semi_pred" does not exist
Error: Attempt to throw to the non-existent tag :SQL-ERROR
  [condition type: CONTROL-ERROR]

I'm not sure where semi_pred is being called from.  I grepped for
semi_pred in my grammar's directory but nothing turned up.  Is it
supposed to be created automatically by the install script?  The only
tables that are in the database are "lex", "meta", "rev", "dfn".

I also tried running single-user mode with the instructions from
http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/LkbLexDbSingleUser and
http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/JacyLexDb.  However, when I got to these

 (lkb::new-lex-key-table lkb::*lexicon*)
 (lkb::new-semi lkb::*lexicon*)

I get the following error for both of them:

[2c] LKB(5): (lkb::new-semi lkb::*lexicon*)
Error: No methods applicable for generic function
       (#<CDB-LEX-DATABASE @ #x1002d371b2>) of classes (CDB-LEX-DATABASE)
  [condition type: PROGRAM-ERROR]

Restart actions (select using :continue):
 0: Try calling it again
 1: Return to Debug Level 2 (an "abort" restart).
 2: Try calling it again
 3: Return to Debug Level 1 (an "abort" restart).
 4: Try calling it again
 5: Return to Top Level (an "abort" restart).
 6: Abort entirely from this (lisp) process.
[3c] LKB(6):

The only tables that are generated when I follow the instructions from
the above two webpages are "dfn" and "lex".  

I also looked through the Jacy and ERG grammars for semi_pred and lexdb,
but did not find anything related.  I did notice that the Jacy wiki page
listed a bunch of semi_* tables, but I do not know how they are
generated.  Does anyone know what is supposed to go in the semi_pred



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