[developers] LKB vs LOGON

Bob New bobnew at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 31 06:47:22 CEST 2009


I am looking for hints about any basic differences between LKB
and LOGON.

When I start LKB and then execute these two lines at the
command prompt window, I get a valid parse result:

    (lkb::read-script-file-aux "../../ebender/wambaya/lkb/script")
    (lkb::parse (lkb::split-into-words  (lkb::preprocess-sentence-string "Gurijbirna nana alanga.")))

But when I try the same two lines at the command prompt
in LOGON, I get the error:

    "No analysis found corresponding to token 0-1 GURIJBIRNA..."

Is there a basic difference between LKB and LOGON that would
explain this difference in success versus error?  Or should
I be looking for a more subtle user error in what I am trying to do?

Thanks for your time,

Bob New
University of Washington.

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