[developers] migrating from CVS to SVN

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Thu Apr 9 22:28:19 CEST 2009

dear all,

as you may recall, ERG development has migrated from CVS (at stanford)
to SVN (a modern CVS replacement; hosted for DELPH-IN at UiO).  there
is a forthcoming new ERG release, with chart mapping, improved unknown
word handling, and four sections of WeScience treebanks available at:


once this release candidate becomes official, it will be reflected in
future builds, i.e. the tar(1) files available for download from the
LinGO site.

seeing that migrating the ERG from CVS to SVN was painless, we are now
proposing to take a similar move for the LKB source code.  starting on
monday, april 20, LKB development will be hosted at


this means that anyone with pending changes should make sure to commit
their revisions into CVS no later than sunday, april 19.  on april 20,
the CVS repository at `lingo.stanford.edu' will become inaccessible.

note that only LKB developers are affected, i.e. people making changes
to the LKB source code.  all past revision history will be preserved in
the SVN import.

                                                   best wishes  -  oe

nb: there is excellent SVN documentation available on-line; see:


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