[developers] LKB on Windows

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 12:54:24 CEST 2009


Someone asked me this the other day, so I am strangely knowledgeable (^_^).

> I've been trying to download from the Wiki the current version of the LKB
> for installation on Windows. Athough I am logged on with my delphin wiki
> account, I am forbidden permission to access /ftp/latest/lkb_windows.zip

Currently (2009-04-14) there is no working Windows version available
for download as the lisp license has expired. I have added a note
about this to LkbInstallation.  Ann and Stephen know about it, and
hope to fix it at some stage (I think).

> Is there an additional step I need to take in order to get access to the
> lkb_windows.zip?

You could try going down through the builds until you find one that
works :-), apparently the older versions should work, as they were
built with a permanent license.  I am afraid I don't know which ones
work and which don't.   If you, or someone, does this, could you add
to the wiki the address of the latest working version, and/or email me
and I will add it.

Yours, not actually using Windows personally,

Francis Bond <http://www2.nict.go.jp/x/x161/en/member/bond/>
NICT Language Infrastructure Group

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