[developers] TERG named entity regression?

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Thu May 21 03:16:25 CEST 2009


>> Are you trying something new with named rel generation, perhaps?
>> At Francis' suggestion, I reverted to the 0902 TERG release, and
>> my problems were solved.
> you are right, the current ERG `trunk' has broken the generation of
> `unknown' names (it appears to work for a `named_unk_rel', but that
> should not be part of the external interface, i.e. generator inputs
> should of course always use `named_rel', whether a particular name
> occurs in the ERG lexicon or not).  i think this is related to the
> more recent email from francis about generating with generics, and
> i will reply separately in that thread.

I will reply to that there.

> in general, i am really happy you are experimenting with more recent
> versions of the ERG for LOGON-based MT (that is what i want to make
> possible through the `terg' stub directory in the LOGON tree).  as a
> rule of thumb, however, i would recommend you go with tagged release
> versions, i.e. right now the 0902 release.

Thanks for the clarification.  We actually thought we were using the
tagged version at first, thus the confusion.

> dan and i are preparing a new release (in time for barcelona), where
> we frequently and liberally check in revisions to the `trunk'.  thus
> you are better off working with the stable 0902 just now.

Will do.

> i will also propose a new snapshot of the complete LOGON tree, where it
> would be desirable to have the various MT language pairs use the latest
> ERG for parsing or genering english.  more on that on the `logon' list.

I will reply to that there.

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