[developers] HCONS in MRSs produced by PET

Francisco Costa fcosta at di.fc.ul.pt
Fri Jun 5 12:21:34 CEST 2009

Dear all,

I'm having problems with the MRSs produced by PET with a grammar for 
Portuguese. I can't reproduce them with the ERG or GG, so I'm asking if 
someone has had a similar problem in the past and has any clue of what 
may be wrong.

In short, I get no more than 1 or 2 elements in HCONS when parsing a 
sentence with PET, even though the MRSs are fine under the LKB.

If I also use the -tsdbdump option and then export the sentences in 
[incr tsdb()], I get feature structures for the top node that seem 
alright, but the MRS are still not showing the entire HCONS.
For example, for a sentence with a fs for HCONS like:

HCONS diff-list & [
           LIST #35 & cons & [
             FIRST #36 & qeq & [
               LARG #26,
               HARG #9 ],
             REST #37 & cons & [
               FIRST qeq & [
                 LARG #23,
                 HARG #19 ],
               REST #38 & cons & [
                 FIRST qeq & [
                   LARG #32,
                   HARG #28 ],
                 REST #39 & list ] ] ],
           LAST #39 ] ],

which seems ok and has three elements in it, I get MRS representations 
with the following HCONS:

HCONS: < h5 QEQ h7 h1 QEQ h8 >

with only 2 elements. All formats of MRS and RMRS exportable by [incr 
tsdb()] show only these 2 elements in HCONS.

The composition of HCONS and RELS in the Portuguese grammar is done in 
the exact same way, and there is no similar problem with RELS.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Francisco Costa

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