[developers] LOGON batch translation profile flags

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Wed Jun 17 13:38:05 CEST 2009

hi again, eric,

> It appears that AID is actually what I was looking for. I got confused  
> because the first couple of sentence in my fan only had translations  
> for the first parse. If my analysis of the information in result's  
> flags list is correct, I would like to document it on the Wiki. Could  
> someone fill in the gaps for me?

if you post what you had in your earlier email (the result of looking
things up in the [incr tsdb()] sources) on the wiki, say as a new page


then i could look it over sometime this summer and change or augment as
i see fit.  in the meantime, you should probably announce your summary
as an educated guess :-).

a general note of caution: these are [incr tsdb()] and LOGON internals;
in principle, any of these fields (or the form of the `result' relation
as a whole) can change without general notice.  such changes are rare,
but the wiki page should make it clear that this is going beyond stable
and officially supported [incr tsdb()] interfaces.

                                                          best  -  oe

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