[developers] results after edge limit reached?

Rebecca Dridan bec.dridan at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 19:48:47 CEST 2009

Stephan Oepen wrote:
> hi again,
> are you quite sure of that observed asymmetry in PET behavior, rebecca?  

I'm sure that the parse file I get when I run

cmcheap -tok=fsc -cm -default-les=all -nsolution -packing -timeout=60 
-mrs -tsdbdump=. $LOGONROOT/lingo/terg

has -1 in the readings field for every item that has "timed out (60 s)" 
in the error field. That's with chart mapping cheap svn rev598. I 
wouldn't swear to anything else right now, and it's not a good time for 
me to be chasing down the exact conditions, as long as I can work around 
them :)

> even though i'm no fan of the -tsdbdump mode of operation (as it 
> duplicates existing [incr tsdb()] internals in the PET code base), i was 
> under the impression that it shared enough of the result reporting code 
> with standard [incr tsdb()] client mode to make it unlikely that one 
> would see different outcomes.

I had hoped so. I use -tsdbdump because I want fsc input - i believe 
that is currently the only way to input fsc?

> in an application-oriented perspective, however, it might be tempting to 
> count those partial solutions as coverage (in principle they should be 
> qualified as owed to a robustness heuristics), and certainly substantial 
> cpu time was expended on these items (just as our parsers tend to reject 
> some inputs in zero time, e.g. ones exposing lexical gaps).  in this 
> respect, averaging over all inputs gives a more practical estimate of 
> processing cost.  for your thesis, i believe i would recommend you use 
> this latter approach.

Actually, I think

(time spent on all items, including failed and errored)/
(number of items that get an analysis)

is the most meaningful figure in batch processing for an application, 
but over all input items is also reasonable. The current [incr tsdb()] 
uses "number of input items - items with lexical gaps" as denominator (I 
think), which is neither here nor there. For the moment, I'm going to 
pick a definition and stick with it, but I think if people are going to 
be reporting times and memory use from [incr tsdb()], we should decide 
what those figures measure.


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