[developers] Minimal LKB installation

Ann Copestake Ann.Copestake at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Dec 12 11:39:11 CET 2009

As far as source goes - look at systems/lkb.system 

There's the :tty installation - i.e., what happens anyway if you
compile the system in a context where there's no CLIM.  Maybe you'd
also need to prevent :lui

You might be able to remove some other files too but it would be a
good idea if whatever configuration you end up with can be checked in
to lkb.system - otherwise you won't keep in sync if someone
adds/deletes a file from the core LKB

> Dear developers,
> Daniel Mills (a UW student) is in the process of adding a feature
> to the matrix customization system that allows users to test the
> grammar they are customizing by sending it to the LKB running
> on our web server along with some canned MRSs. =A0The LKB
> then uses the grammar to generate from those MRSs, giving the
> user a sense of the behavior of their grammar (without having to
> install the LKB or figure out how to use it).
> In this context, we would like to know what the minimal set
> of files the LKB needs to run (in this case, without the interactive
> GUI). (We ask this because we want to streamline our web installation
> for the customization system.)
> Thanks,
> Emily (and Daniel)

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