[developers] lui depends on (obsolete) gtk+ 1.2

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Thu Jan 7 10:58:53 CET 2010

hi c.j.,

> It looks like the lui that ships with the LKB depends on an obsolete
> version of libgtk.  This version is no longer shipped with Ubuntu.

the dynamic dependencies of the (old) `yzlui' binary are included in
both the LinGO builds and LOGON tree, where the standard setup should
set up $LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include `lkb/lib/linux.x86.??/', such that
the dynamic linker can resolve the `libgtk-1.2.so.0' dependency.  one
should not have to get additional libraries or tweak $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

either way, as pointed out by francis and woodley already, we are in
the process of replacing `yzlui' with `pangolui', based on revisions
originally contributed by pavel (for improved UniCode support), with
woodley now developing these further.

if you wanted to give it a shot, a statically-linked `pangolui' comes
with the LOGON tree, or can be downloaded as


to activate this, set the shell variable LUI to "pangolui" before you
start the LKB (or emacs, if running the LKB within emacs).  e.g.

  export LUI=pangolui

for background, please see LkbLui in the DELPH-IN wiki.

--- anyone who ends up experimenting with the new `pangolui', please
let woodley and me know how things work out for various languages.

                                                       best  -  oe
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