[developers] PET: Transferring the cm branch to main

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Thu Jul 29 23:34:16 CEST 2010

hi bernd,

do we actually need two legacy branches?  i suspect the point in  
having a separate branch available, reflecting the code base as of now  
(i.e. prior to spring cleaning and refactoring), would be creating the  
infrastructure for future revisions on the legacy branch, for example  
back-porting critical bug fixes, if need be.  it would seem tempting  
to me to restrict such legacy maintenance to a single branch, i.e. the  
result of merging ‘cm’ and ‘main’ (which yields a proper union  
of functionality, for all i can tell).  on this model, you could first  
unify ‘cm’ and ‘main’, and we would allow users some grace  
period to confirm they are happy with the result.  before actual  
spring cleaning and refactoring is to be committed to the trunk, say  
in late august, the unified code could be tagged as ‘legacy’ (or  
even 1.0); future maintenance on this branch (or better tag, in my  
view) could then be viewed as 1.0.1 and so on, vs. new development on  
the trunk would work towards version 1.1 (or even 2.0, if you  
prefer :-).  does this all sound plausible to you?  finally, anyone  
just wanting to build a binary reflecting ‘cm’ or ‘main’ as of  
today can easily do so, as these revisions remain accessible through  

all best, oe

On 29. juli 2010, at 16.30, Bernd Kiefer <kiefer at dfki.de> wrote:

> Hi all,
> by the beginning of next week, i will carry out the first step on
> the PetRoadMap, namely the merging of the cm and the main branch.
> The last merge has been performed by Peter, and i've looked at the
> remaining diffs.
> The next steps are the following:
> - creating two new branches: legacy-main and legacy-cm, which reflect
>  the current state of the main and cm branch, respectively
> - superseding main with cm
> This will be done Monday or Tuesday next week, unless there are
> unforeseeable obstacles, or serious objections, if they reach me in
> time.
> Best,
>    Bernd
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