[developers] developers Digest, Vol 69, Issue 1

Bernd Kiefer kiefer at dfki.de
Fri Oct 22 11:29:15 CEST 2010

Hi Antonio,

if there would be no harm, we'd not throw out anything that is
in the current system. The point of this clean-up procedure is
to keep the thing manageable and to remove discontinued parts
that generate problems because nobody feels responsible for
them anymore. And keeping PIC not only means keeping the reader,
but also the fs_mods part and other functionality.

As was also pointed out, there remain two input modes very similar
in functionality to PIC, namely FSC and YY. The transition to FSC
should not be too hard, it only requires very minor changes to
the grammar to get all the functionality you get with PIC, and
there are xslt style sheets to transfer one format into the other
to get a quick and smooth transition. I'm sure someone in the
Delph-IN community can be found to support you if that's needed.

Furthermore, the current version remains in the SVN and will be
properly tagged, so that you are able to continue your work if
you do not have the time to do the migration now.


On 21.10.2010 12:33, Ant—onio Branco wrote:
> Hi Bernd,
> Thanks for your message. Following the email exchanges after
> the Paris meeting last Summer, we would like to point
> out that we are using the pic input mode for our grammar:
> is there an actual or urgent need of removing this functionality?
> If there is no harm, can it be kept?
> Best,
> --Ant.
>> Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 17:06:47 +0200
>> From: Bernd Kiefer <kiefer at dfki.de>
>> Subject: [developers] PET: list of deprecated functionality / code
>> To: "developers at delph-in.net" <developers at delph-in.net>,
>> "pet at delph-in.net" <pet at delph-in.net>
>> Message-ID: <4CBF0587.8050205 at dfki.de>
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>> Hi all,
>> after the main branch has been consolidated, i'd like to takle the next
>> point on the PET roadmap: removal of obsolete and/or deprecated code
>> and functionality.
>> For the moment, we have decided on the following list:
>> - ECL support, which affects:
>> - fspp
>> - MRS printing other than MRX and simple MRX
>> - extdict
>> - psql*
>> - print-chic
>> - vcg-print.h
>> - fs_mods
>> - smaf-tokenizer
>> - pic input mode
>> - position-mapper.h (yy? still pending)
>> - socket server (oe? still pending)
>> borland directory
>> fspp directory
>> goofy directory
>> Since the current state is available in the SVN, we can still revive
>> things like, e.g., the external lexicon once it is again properly
>> supported.
>> If there are no objections, code related to functiality in the list
>> above will be deleted end of October or beginning of November.
>> Cheers,
>> Bernd, for the PET developers

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