[developers] [incr tsdb()]: reconstructing other MRS types when thinning

Dan Flickinger danf at stanford.edu
Wed Mar 9 20:23:52 CET 2011

Peter -

This is controlled via the following variable that [incr tsdb()] uses to govern MRS output:

(setf tsdb::*tsdb-semantix-hook* "mrs::get-mrs-string")

The function get-mrs-string() and its alternatives are defined in lkb/src/mrs/interface.lisp, where you'll see that they vary in which format keyword they supply to the internal function 

When you normalize a treebank with Trees--Switches--Thinning Normalize on, the form of the MRS to be recorded for each item is determined by the value of the above variable.


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Does anyone know how to reconstruct MRS types other than simple format (MRX,
RMRS, DMRS) when thinning a profile with [incr tsdb()]? Is it possible to
specify the desired MRS type as a simple parameter?



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