[developers] [pet] PET code / modules to delete because unsupported or unused

Rebecca Dridan bec.dridan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 12:03:21 CET 2011

Hi all,

I have a fully functional version of the tagger interface ready to 
release, to replace the initial version currently in the trunk. Is the 
NG branch the right place to roll out new features at the moment, or is 
the preference to make short-term branches from NG?


On 09/08/2011 06:05 PM, Bernd Kiefer wrote:
> Hi all,
> one more step towards a leaner and cleaner PET has been done: the list
> of obsolete or deprecated modules has been removed, and the whole ECL
> support with it. If there's still problems with MRS creation, i'm sure
> Yi will happily jump in to resolve them. For the PIC users, moving to
> FSC should be easy, the functionality is the same, rather better.
> Now please can everybody check that what's in the NG branch now works
> as expected, then we could proceed to the next steps.
> Best,
> Bernd
> On 28.08.2011 16:20, Stephan Oepen wrote:
>> hi bernd,
>> i had a go at cleaning up in the YY parts of the PET code this weekend.
>> to decouple our 'spring cleaning' from ongoing development, i created a
>> branch for this: 'ng' (next generation); see:
>> http://pet.opendfki.de/changeset/820/
>> purging ten or so years of accumulated 'clutter' is kind of fun. if you
>> wanted me to, i could have a go at the various ECL interfaces next?
>> or maybe you would rather purge everything that remains from your
>> list in one fell swoop?
>> i have tested my recent commits to the NG branch only superficially.
>> i am assuming once we are down to only code that we want to keep,
>> we will have a more careful round of testing, including the various
>> build configurations that remain supported. speaking of which, i am
>> in favour of making ICU an obligatory element, i.e. no longer try and
>> support a non-UniCode version of PET.
>> best, oe
>> On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 01:01, Bernd Kiefer<kiefer at dfki.de> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> in the process of PET code cleaning, i've collected a list of code/
>>> functionalities that seem to be currently unused or unsupported.
>>> To make the whole code base more maintainable, i'd like to delete
>>> these. Since we've all the SVN history, the code is not lost, and
>>> anybody that has the impression she/he would like to revive it is
>>> happily invited to bring it back in again.
>>> So here's my list, and if you feel that there's something on it that
>>> absolutely has to remain in, please tell me:
>>> - ECL support
>>> - extdict
>>> - psql*
>>> - print-chic
>>> - vcg-print.h
>>> - fs_mods
>>> - smaf-tokenizer
>>> - pic-*
>>> - position-mapper.h (yy?)
>>> borland directory
>>> fspp directory
>>> goofy directory
>>> Cheers,
>>> Bernd
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