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Hi Emily -

My understanding is that the first of the two numbers in the "[n + n]" report is the number of already inflected lexical entries defined in the lexicon with the given orthography, and the second number is the number of lexical rules that can apply to a lexicon-defined entry's stem to produce the given orthography.  So [basic + derived].  Thus, in the ERG, "dog" is reported as "[0 + 2]" since there is no fully inflected lexical entry defined with that spelling, but there are two derived forms with that spelling, applying an inflectional rule to each of the noun and verb entries defined in the lexicon.


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Dear all,

Is there any documentation on the output of the Process | Vocabulary
function in [incr tsdb()]?  I'm curious in particular what the two
numbers in "[n + n] lexical entries" mean, but couldn't turn up
anything on the wiki.


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