[developers] '@' in orthography, tsdb profiles

Joshua Crowgey jcrowgey at uw.edu
Thu Mar 21 00:23:34 CET 2013

Hello developers,

I'm working on upgrading a script which takes a plain text formatted 
testsuite and emits [incr tsdb()] item files.

One of the testsuites used an ascii transliteration for Old English. 
Specifically, schwa was represented as '@'.

I tried escaping the schwa with a backslash where it appeared in the 
orthography line.  Upon attempting to create an instance using this 
file, I got 'error processing tsdb(1) podium event'.

If I refresh all tsdb, I find the profile created but upon trying to 
browse items, I get 'no data in path/to/testsuite/ matching TSDB Query'.

If I replace the "\@"s with "E", all loads without a problem.

What's the right thing to do with '@'s inside a TSDB field?


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