[developers] Getting nil when reconstructing edges from derivations

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Wed Jul 17 10:08:26 CEST 2013

hi ned,

your code looks plausible, and i too would think all derivations in 1212
treebanks should reconstruct successfully (when using the 1212 ERG).  emily
rightly cautions this will typically not be the case for the ERG trunk: the
treebanks are not maintained up-to-date for each incremental revision in
the grammar.

which leaves us to worry about that one WS01 item.  are you sure your LOGON
tree is up-to-date (1212 has not been formally released, and there were a
few minor updates after tagging the initial release candidate)?  if so,
could you ‘Browse|Results’ on WS01, then double-click on the red 1 in the
derivations column of the problematic item, then double-click on the (red)
derivation.  this will trigger interactive reconstruction, and assuming the
derivation really is problematic, there will be diagnostic message in the
*common-lisp* buffer.  what does it say?

best, oe

On Wednesday, July 17, 2013, Ned Letcher wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've run into some strange behaviour which I'm hoping someone can shed
> some light on. I've got some lisp code I'm using to reconstruct the
> spanning edge of the first reading for items in profiles:
> (defun get-item (i-id profile)
>   (first (tsdb::analyze profile
>                         :condition (format nil "i-id == ~a" i-id)
>                         :thorough '(:derivation))))
> (defun get-item-edge (item)
>   (tsdb::reconstruct
>    (tsdb::get-field :derivation
>                     (first (tsdb::get-field :results item)))))
> The problem is that get-item-edge is returning nil for some items even
> though they have derivations. For instance I get a nil result for item
> 10012800 in ws01 using erg 1212 but all the other parsing items from this
> profile are fine:
> (read-script-file-aux "~/logon/lingo/erg/lkb/script")
> (get-item-edge (get-item "10012800" "/gold/erg/ws01"))
> (get-item-edge (get-item "10012820" "/gold/erg/ws01"))
> I'm also getting many more of these nil results when running using trunk
> erg compared to 1212. When restricted to items with readings, running over
> ws01, I get only 1 of these nil results for 1212 and 73 for trunk erg. csli
> yields none with 1212 and 1 of these with trunk erg.
> Ned
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