[developers] generation bug in Agree - "are not permitted to look you."

Glenn Slayden glenn at thai-language.com
Sat Nov 30 23:24:15 CET 2013

Thanks for the reply Francis. The particular issue you mention is actually a separate problem which we identified in the context of string-vs-type ambiguity in some grammars (viz. ERG):

	_week_n_1_rel := non_day_diadic_nonprop_rel & day_or_week_rel.

	week1 := n_-_c-week_le &
	 [ ORTH < "week" >,
	   SYNSEM [ LKEYS.KEYREL.PRED "_week_n_1_rel",
	            PHON.ONSET con ] ].

The problem is that the presence of both 'string' and 'type' versions of orthographic duplicates causes indeterminacy when round-tripping through MRS (which by definition does not maintain the distinction). We concluded that the world would be a better place if this practice were abolished.



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Perhaps we should not have two "_look_v_1_rel"'s with different
argument signatures in the first place?  I though that this was
officially discouraged, ...

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